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CHAPTER 1 - The Princes

There was a time when Vampires, Elves, Dwarfs even magical creatures as
humans called them had excited. They lived for hundreds of years, wars had been fought, won and lost but none of us gave up. We hid from the world, never giving the chance for humans to notice our presence. There the select few who can hear, see and even feel us. They will be given the choice to free us, or lead us to destruction. We wait, hope, pry that someday we might live again.

Britannia High School
9:56pm Friday

Our story starts here at Britannia High School With a young female who is charming and elegant.

" Micka, Micka, The princes are here!! Get up!!" Micka a Britannia high school student, 14 of age, black long hair, red eyes, tall and extremely beautiful awoke from her deep slumber.

" Can`t you just go and hound Jessica or Britney or even Star. I`m trying to sleep." Micka had not slept in 3 days for she swore she heard something near her ear but when she opened her eyes or even when the room was evacuated of girls. Bunny as they called her ran to Jessica a short blond with egsausted features, blue eyes that sparkled on a full moon night was just about to fall asleep when Bunny, brunette with pink eyes and also short bounced on her bed.

" Oh my god Bunny just go to sleep, where all pooched." Bunny looked sad and slunked to her bed. She pulled the white bed curtains over her empty bed. Micka Felt sorry for her. Bunny had never seen the princes before and was excited. Micka got out of bed and opened Bunny`s curtains. She was whimpering, faced against the wall.

" Bunny, want to go see the princes?" Micka whisperly asked. Bunny turned around and nodded. She got Bunny her cloak and wrapped hers around herself.
They slipped through the door and stepped quickly out of the girls dormitory building to the main building. Micka quietly slipped open the door for a peek.

" There take a gander." Micka quietly took a step back, while Bunny peeked through. By what Micka saw the headmaster and his annoying assistant was there to greet the princes.

" Micka, the shorter one is very cute!!" Micka rolled her eyes and tugged on Bunny`s cloak. Bunny shrugged her off and kept her position at the door peeking.

" Bunny unless you want to get caught, lets go you`ll see them at breakfast." She pulled Bunny away from the door. Before they left she checked to make sure that noone heard them. The tallest about Mickas height came over to the door. Bunny was pushed against the wall behind Micka. Once the door was opened a sword and a rod clanged together.

" What`s your business here?" Micka held a strong firm on her Shinin Rod. They both applied pressure against each others force.

" My friend Bunny wasn`t feeling well... she needed fresh air and she felt better when she was walking around." Micka glared at him and applied more strength.

" That doesn`t answer my question!" He had Blond wild locks and red eyes like the rest of them. His voice was a bit angered as he spoke. Micka was about to respond when the headmaster butted in.

" Now now, lets not get on the wrong foot here. Mrs. Miccody please attend to Buneveria and as for you Micka would you please stay awhile. Micka let the rod fall back into place. She spun on her heel and walked to Bunny.

" What ever Miccody makes you drink, drink it! Other wise we`re in deep trouble. I`m sorry...... I`ll take the punishment, you don`t need it on your first year here." Micka stepped forward into the light of the great hall and Mrs. Miccody attended to Bunny. The doors shut on their departure and Mickas arrival. The headmaster let her sit and have a spot next to the eldest and more safisticated one. They all greeted Evening, all except the blonde Edward.

When the discussion was finished the princes left for a nights sleep. The headmaster told Micka that the punishment was to tutore the Edward, Jasper, Darrin and Justin. Paris was the oldest and did not need a tutore. Micka left the main building. Along the way the 4 princes stopped her in her tracks about 1/3rd of the way to the girls dormitory.

" What do you want?" Micka snapped angerly. Edward stepped forward and drew his silver sword. She drew upon her rod and snapped it open to face the blade before. Jasper tried to make Edward put it away and leave her be but failed in the attempt and was shoved to the ground. Edward advanced on  Micka. Before any of the princes knew, Micka had been thrown to the ground and held at the edge of the swords tip.

" Remember who your superior is girl!" Micka scowled and kicked Edward in the groin. He fell over holding his crotch.

" Remember who yours is!" Micka grabbed her rod and left. Edward stood and appeared before her in a matter of seconds. As surprised as she was, Micka knew that surprise could not take her otherwise the battle was lost. But Edward had already used it to his advantage. The other princes where nowhere to be seen. Edward held her body tightly close to his. Edwards bony fingers travelled across her tender flesh. He held her head to the side, bared his fangs and bit her neck. Micka let out a small quiet scream of pain. She felt her blood rushing out of her veins and felt a little wheesy.

Edwards hold tightened around Mickas waist. Micka became weak in the knees, her eyes fluttured and she fell into the arms of Paris. Paris smacked Edward and left him alone in the courtyard, cobble road. He entered her dorm the other girls never realized who it was but assumed it was a late nighter just getting in. They fell asleep just was quick as they had awoken. Paris placed Micka back in her white bed and shut the curtains.

When Micka awoke to a commotion. All the girls came to her side, holloring down the hall for a medic.

" What`s going on guys?" Jessica, Bunny, Star and even Britney where by her side. Jessica took off the bandage from Mickas neck it was clean, no marks nothing to indicate that she was ever hurt. Jessica looked puzzled but also like she was trying to make it make sence but nothing came. Micka felt her neck nothing was there. She looked at her clothes and they where blood stained. No wounder Jessica and the girls thought something was wrong.

" Oh thats why!" Micka stood, changed into her school uniform and opened the curtains. The sun shawn brightly through the window, Micka immediantly shut them. She felt her skin tingle, at least the part that touched the suns rays.

" Micka breakfast is about to start coming?" Jessica, Britney, Bunny and Star where heading out the door. Micka nodded and ran after them. She covered herself well so the sun never touched her skin. She entered the hall and the princes sat in there seats properly like the rest of use did. Edward did not take his eyes off of her for hours. Paris observed from the side lines. When classes where over Micka tutored Jasper, Darrin and Justin. Edward was how do you say it an ass the whole night. Micka went back to her dorm building when she swear she sensed that Edward was behind her in the courtyard.

" What do you want?" Edward walked in front of her and kissed her. At first Micka was stunned but snapped out of it and smacked him leaving his cheek red. Micka ran off, hid behind the wall to the entrance and waited till Edward chuckled and left. She was blushing but left to her dorm.

When she entered the room Bunny jumped off her bed and began harassing Micka. Micka had to help Bunny with her music homework. When she went to bed the curtains where closed and she pondered the recent events that took place as she tutored and when Edward kissed her. She smiled and tried to fall asleep but never could. She left the room making sure the girls where fast asleep.
As she walked the stairs to the clock tower, she heard people talking. She stood on the last landing of the stairs and noticed Paris and Edward.
heres the Hearers hope u enjoy!! ^^ i`m just starting on chapter 2 so sorry if i don`t get it on here for awhile!!

please let me know what u think ty
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eltonsnow Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2008
:wow: even the intro is very good, i almost can imagine the story started like with some movie scenes and the intro sentences slowly scroll down ^^
i think i will enjoy your story, ok continueing ^^

:wow: i am so surprised the story start at ... :excited:
quite lively conversation ^^ you really have observed the details in real life ^^
hehehe i think i like Micka :aww:
... but i don't like Edward ... i don't know if he is good ... :( well, i will read all the episodes in the future, then i will know if he is good ...

the last paragraph is sweet ^^

not bad at all, i enjoy reading it ^^
i would like to know more about Micka, Edward and Paris so far ^^
fireballflame Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Traditional Artist
aww thank you!!
^^ lol well u`ll have to read the next couple of chapters to figure edward, paris and micks out ^^ XD Is there any things u would like me to maybe add or make something more clearer for u or to work better on, on my next chapter??? ^^

Even in death may I be triumphant!!
eltonsnow Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008
you are welcome ^^
i think you have try to express everything in a good way ^^
overall is good, you have try to briefly describe some of the characters, but of cos three of them are much more attract me so far ^^
there are two points which are very very interesting in this chapter, they are Micka vs Edward and the last two paragraphs ^^
and there are also some parts which will be interesting if present in a movie scene ^^
i think you have already make it clear to understand ^^
fireballflame Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008   Traditional Artist
k ty ^^
:hug: :D

Even in death may I be triumphant!!
eltonsnow Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2008
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